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that's it for us from the fox studios in new york. good night, have a great week. naional ca >> glenn: tonight, the strategy of overwhelmingee the system. president obama learned it from two left wing radicals and i community organizers. rad i'll tell you what you can learn from them. why isn't any one falkin talkit the swine flu any more?hatone is it even considering a swinec flu kind of chickenpox party for their kids? we'll get into that later. and homeless people can now ges a one way ticket out of new i'm considering living in a bog for that opportunity.that if you believe this government great b is great and theut government s trying to dump too much stuff that you would want, it is tim,
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to stand up, come on, follow me. this is a rehearsal, right, we're not really on the air?'rn okay, good. hello, america. i always wanted to be a a community organizer because ibu love communities and i love one being organized, they are in! such disarray. the community organizer in chief is transforming america but nobody is really noticing and i think it is because theyi don't know what they are looking for. th i want to show youey ano pwictu here. bring this picture up. ca i want you to loon ykou at thio picture and tell me what ispic changing in this picture. this it from the university ofv south dakota department of dak psychology, their w this is a test based on antifih scientific theory called change blindness. a theory that i think might in help explain what is happening in our country right now.nd
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i was doing some research this weekend and i brought it down t to about ten different people , at my house, i'm usually on psychology websites. invisual perception, change blindness is a phenomena that s occurs when a person is viewine a visual scene and fails to detect large changes in the scene because there is a lot of things going on in the scene. do you see it? do you know what it is yet?do show the other picture, please. now, could you just do me a plea favor and highlight the change, what's missing.s underneath that wing show me the first picture again. underneath that wing was ating giant jet engine. it was flashing before your eyes and only about two out ofo the ten people at my house got it it and once you know what it is it is so unbelievably obvious.y can you put on the screen theee two going back and forth again. try to look at pictures goingcr
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back and forth and there is no way you can't see then gin missing. this -- the engine missing. we are rushing massive programs and policies at an astounding rate and failing to see because we are looking at all the other things happening in that sceneh we are failing to see the engine being removed from thete plane because obama is usingtha something called, honest to god, change blindness. blindne" he is doing all of this, he did this in 2004. >> you rush these budgets thath are a foot high and nobody hase any idea what is in them and nobody has read them.ody >> 14-pounds it was. >> yeah, and it gets rushed through without any clearitt deliberation and debate and then these kinds of things happen and i think that is whas happened to the patriot remember, there was no realr ts debate about that, it was so quick after 9/11 that it was
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introduced that people felt the intimidated by the administration. >> glenn: people felt intimidated, that soundwow.sow familiar. but now in 2009 it is totally o cool to jam through $787 billion stimulus bill, a cap and trade energy bill that nobody really debated and oh, yeah, a complete overhaul of the entire healthcare industry in six months, all while then s president is filling america's themes with the huge thousand-page bills, czars that are actual communists and gets coverage from john conyers who has had the audacity to say con this it with a straight face. >> i love the members that get raig up and say read the bill.p what good is reading the bill if it's a thousand-pages and it you don't have two days and two lawyers to find out what it
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means after you read the bill? >> glenn: well, so it is's log logical to him to say the s logical thing to do is justg to sign away. instead of saying no, i can't iad o do it in two days, you're goini to have to wait. the world is upside down. they are taking the engine offe our airplane. now, we see things like this and rightfully so become k i outraged. i know it is crazy to ask elected officials to read billt before they vote on them or actually listen to us and not continually assault us and sous we call them up and nothinghem happens and i think that isp what they want us to focus on.o because while we are complaining and on the phoneeli yelling at someone on their p staff the millions that the o government spends for bridges for turtles or toiletestor restorations like we told you a yesterday, america's picture is being transformed and we are not noticing it.
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none of the small stuff is as impo important as the fundamental changes currently being made to how our country works, even the healthcare bill. this healthcare bill must not pass because this is about structure. they are taking the bolts offur of that engine. all they need it open is a crack and they will go inside. healthcare. has anybody asked who is behine the healthcare bill? let me ask you this -- has anye one said gee, these are so complex, 1300-pages, each of them, they have 10,000-pages t produced in the last six months, gigantic complex billsx who did this?ll who wrote that?s? who knows it? know who is buying the healthcareltc bill? let me ask you a question. the doctor said hey, i got medicine for you, i got' medicine for your grandma, would you say great, medicine,
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that's great. who wouldn't you like to know who the doctor is that is prescribing the medicine? dr. huxtable or dr. kevorkian. it does make a difference onrec who is prescribing the drugs.e just ask michael jackson. i this is about an engine completely disappearing, america's engine. it is being completely removedf right before our eyes. crmerica, we once had this crazy concept of elected officials doing things for the people bun now seems our elected officials are busy doing things to the people for the puppets or as fr puppets for the people who are really the powerful ones, the global corporations, the unions like sciu, community organizations like acorn. a >> i spent my entire adult life working with sciu, i'm not a a
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newcomer to this. i didn't just suddenly discover sciu. on the campaign trail your agenda has been my agenda inrar the united states senate before debating healthcare i asked an sciu member, before immigration debates were placed in washing washington i talked with althea ma deena, an sciu member. >> before i even get inaugural fore i rated during the transition we're going to be calling all of you in to help us shape the agenda. we are going to have a meetingo all across the country with community organizations so that you have input into the agendas for the next presidency of the united states of america. >> glenn: i want to ask you this question, america, do youa think those meetings went like the town hall meetings where all the questions are staged? s he is just, you know, laying k,
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out his plan for anybody or ins the white house is he meeting people in theage white house? who is in charge of this?h i'm just asking america, will you start to ask the officials, the tough questions and hold te their feet to the fire? a the tough question is, who is actually running this country?i is it the all-knowing , messiah barack obama? or is he handing it over to the organizations. they are inseparable. once you see the pictures of p the plane, once you -- once i pointed out that the engine was missing you couldn't see it any other way. missing let me tell you something. once you see the picture ofl what they are really doing, you will not be able to see it any other you won't believe that you have haven look at this picture for so long and you completelynd
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missed something so huge. and i warn you of this becausey me,ou are anything like meowle you will have many, many sleepless nights wondering how everyone else has change blindness and just can't see it. my first guest tonight got a chance to sit down with the one and only wade rathke. founder the acorn organizer. olson is the editor of acorn crack down. you sat down with wade who is not really a fan of thisth program, i hear. >> that is what i hear. >> glenn: you sat down with him. >> i >> glenn: and what did you guys talk about.? y >> well, i started out asking about his book. any i figured there is no sense in asking any hardball questions,
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and then we worked into sei healthcare.strumen >> glenn: sciu is instrumental. >>n designing it, he's got a part of this. par >> >> >> glenn: tell me about the healthcare thing. >> i asked for his assessment of what the president and the t congress of doing and what more could they do to get this get passed? passe and he said the pd,resident net to stand up taller and he needs to get this done but then heut talked about sciu so that was e natural segment into what is wa sciu doing and he talked about? how they are working in 15 states, they have 14 people alone in louisiana, and because he talked about their senator h there, mary landrieu and called her a mushy democrat and we really need to work on her.ork >> glenn: need to work on her. let me go to he talked a littlo bit about -- he talked a little bit about healthcare here and something called i can.
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>> h-can. >> hi. >> glenn: do we have the video of him talking about h-can? >> the sciu has made a tremendous commitment to have operations in about 15 or so states to form a part of something called h-can, the h-can campaign to help the organization and others andn everything i know, acorn is still up to their eyeballs. >> glenn: this is something new because they deny it. in fact, we had something frome baton rouge recently and they were wearing these t-shirts and what is it called, organizing for america which is a barack obama democratic term, how is organizing for america and acorn or sciu, is there any for evidence that they are connected? >> sciu is a part of h-canng fr which also acorn is as well bur
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then there is another coalition called the healthcare equalityi project run by sciu, one of their staff people actually manages this. and they -- go ahead. and -- >> glenn: you were saying -- i said 0 is there any evidence tt they are connected to organize america? t >> they have been holding thes town hall meetings all over the country. you talked about one in baton rouge.yota >> glenn: right. in ba >> there was one july 18th in a boston and hosted by organizing for america and h-can. >> glenn: see, this is the thing that amazes me. they are taking these organizations and when the one gets a bad name or you say oh,e no, well, sciu is not involvede they just invent a new organization, staffed by the same people, right? by t >> right. >> glenn: and so that way the administration says acorn isat not involved at all, they are , not going to do the census, not
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going to do anything. but it's the same people underr a different name.ay >> so legally there is not and connection between acorn andere organizing for america but there is between h-can and organizing for america. el >> glenn: you also spoke to hit about overwhelming the system.e here is what he had to say -- >> what everybody can do is>> make sure that other people in friends,ple in their their neighbors, people in their union, the people who they go to church with actuallt are -- everything else we do technically why can't we automatically -- why >> glenn: so what is this?'t >> well, he is talking about. overthrowing the system.ovrowi >> glenn: yeah. >> over whelming the system ane in his new book citizen wealthz he talks about calling forling troops in the 21st century war on poverty. >> glenn: what does he mean bym
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troops? kind of the idea that we talked about the other day that obama- is talking about. ment does he mention americorps in there? >> americorps and church groups and acorn. >> church groups i'm guessing i is like your grandma's church or jeremiah wright's troop. does he refer to it as an armyn in the book? >> >> he refers to troops andn: am soldiers. >> glenn: america, here is something i want you toant you whunderstand. ab when you talk aboutou s overwhelming the system? r now are you overwhelmed with what is going on? conye sas john conyers overwhelmed when says what difference does i can it make, i can't read it in two days so why don't i just sign is it? isn't that a sign of the systeh overoverwhelmed, it doesn't work? e'hy would raid rathke say hey, this is a lot of benefits out
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here and we just got to get t everybody onboard for theit concept? c this isho called the clowsrd-pi he cloward many vin strategy. >> left wing radicals, advance str their strategy to end poverty in a may 2nd, 1966 article in n the starts with the idea that there is a wide gap between the entitlements that poor people t are eligiblehe for and thecty entitlements they are actuallyb collecting. they say getting everybody on to the welfare rolls will wipe out poverty through a massive multicity education campaign making heavy use of the media. the so once the poor know that they are eligible and start to signw up, what happens next?up, in their own words "a crisis."e
9:17 pm
a crisis that starts in the cities that would rapidly spread to a nationwide levelhen and force the governmentt to move quickly to create a new program for direct incomencome distribution.i marxism. wait a minute, community organizations overwhelming the system that would lead to a e, w redistribution of wealth. th gee, where have i heard that before? . nutshell. glenn: america, i am absolutely convinced that this president, and i don't know in a nut shell. america, i'm actually convince- and i don't know -- i mean this seincerely and i pray to god that i'm wrong -- i can't imagine that other journalists and people aren't seeing that yet, that is why i was looking to f up the change blind this weekend.
9:18 pm
i'm hoping that once you see it you can wake others up and saya this is what is happening. is i'm convinced that our president is a community organizer that is building an acorn through americorps andmea everything else.troo troops. do you agree with me?th building a whole new frameworkw for our government and we have got to see it and look at itand and ask questions and demand the truth and not any kind of u fuzzy little answer here. i appreciate your time and thea interview. the >> lastly, i wanted to give yo, your own copy of citizen wealth and it is also autographed. >> and signed by wade. can't did he know he was signing itae for me? >> he did not. >> glenn: wade, i'll cherish ih forever as i come for you. back in a second.
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hey, got swine f enn wantso you giv hey, got swine flu? glenn wants you to give it to him, next. xxpx i drove my first car from my parent's home in the north of england to my new job at the refinery in the south. i'll never forget. it used one tank of petrol and i had to refill it twice with oil. a new car today has 95% lower emissions than in 1970. exxonmobil is working to improve cars, liners of tires, plastics which are lighter and advanced hydrogen technologies that could increase fuel efficiency by up to 80%.
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>> glenn: i don't want you to miss a second of the show tonight. coming up in just a little while, i told you last night i was going to tell you themilit, beginning yo steps of things wo
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can do and i need to ask for your help because the system it a little overwhelmed but irw figure between the radio andete television show we have about ten million people every daye that tune in and watch andnd listen and i'm going to ask for you to be a part of our staff.a i'll explain coming et now, h 1-n-1, swine flu, ir early to late april it a represented about a third of all of the news stories on television but since may 11thes hasn't even been in the top five at once.ive it is bothering me because they are saying it is getting worse and worse and yet nobody ispayn paying attention.why sho why shouldn't the media take its eyes off a flu pandemic? the great i influenza.
9:24 pm
in january 1915 and 1916 edemi epidemic influenza hit. d it spread throughout camp0 peoe kerney california. sg the mild epidemic gained strength as it passed through western europe, china, india e and the philippine islands. it struck greece, sweden, and switzerland, spain and west indies and even the arctic. the epidemic resembled typical flu epidemics affecting mostlyy the sick and elderly. in august, when the second wavi began in france, sierra leone
9:25 pm
and the united states it was ao deadlier form. form. when it ended in 1920, up to 100 million people died worldwide and anotherlion peo 400 million had gotten sick. it has been called the greatesc medical holocaust in history,i comparable to the black deatheh and that is the great influenza in a nut shell. good they are not even asking, the doctor will say should i bes tested for swine flu? no, don't worry about it. what, it's getting worse. have you ever heard of chickenpox parties when you get the kids together? because of the history of great influenza, i considered a chickenpox party, you known
9:26 pm
you have the swine flu, could b you cough on me? s most experts agree that peoplet are likely to need two doses of the vaccine so get fullcyru immunity. in other words, the u.s. needs 600 million doses just ain't ir chance we are geting that.etti the author of the deadliest plague in history, which is a a fantastic book, john, i just so appreciate your work and everything that you are doing on this particular flu. john, i i have a couple of questions ae for you. this is massive.e. ed w.h.o. is saying this isi le spreading like wildfire and woe getting worse and worse and worse as far as a pandemic.ande has it mutated yet, is it getting any more virulent?od te >> first, good to see youenn:dt again. >> glenn: good to see you. >> at this point it still has
9:27 pm
the same viruleence as the seasonal flu. monitorin we are monitoring it and the scientists are looking at the u molecular case counts. constantly. we already know it is all dma around the world. >> glenn: is it -- and i knownw you wouldn't say and i wouldn'l either. if i had a choice if somebodyci has the swine flu today becausd i read your book and i know tha history of 1918, if i had a ifd choice to get the swine flu, i would have them coughing by met now so i would hope i could ben immune from if this thing everl changes.s >> that is a tough call. there is no reason now to itas think that this virus is goingi become virulent the way the
9:28 pm
1918 virus did. but there is no way of making a prediction. if it were to remain in the way that it is right now, the s reality is you can get sickase, with a mild case but you don't know who you are going to expose.nerable. you might be standing in lineb next to a pregnant woman and they are susceptible. >> it may be resistant to tamiflu. is that true? >> it is possible but it is also quite likely that the virus will remain susceptible to tamiflu.po >> do you think this turns into 1918?ptible styl1918.
9:29 pm
>> i think a small rate.ce,but >> glenn: glad to hear that. >> it is a real concern.i >> glenn: thanks, john, i c appreciate it. new york city. the mayor of the town has decided to give one way ticketg to homeless people, out ofess town. next. ut town. ne ( car door closes ) ooooch! hot seat! hot! hot! hot! time to check your air conditioning? come to meineke now and get a free ac system check. at meineke, you're always the driver. simple ingredients like soft white winter wheat gathered together for 22 grams of whole grain goodness. it's what makes triscuit worth every bite. triscuit. weave some wonder. inspired from around the country at red lobster. from the northeast, try our new maine lobster and crab bake, with garlic-roasted tender maine lobster, jumbo shrimp, scallops,
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i'm julie banderas. president obama hailing as historic a house committee vote approving his healthcare plan. the president says the vote moves the nation closer to improved healthcare but gop critics disagree. in the republican weekly radio and internet address, south dakota senator john sun says the proposal will force millions of americans to switch from employer based coverage to a government-run system. disrushing new developments in the search for an eight-year-old boy in idaho. he was last seen near his mother's boise apartment. one officer says they uncovered evidence indicating robert might be hurt or the victim of a "tragic event." court records show a history oa violence against children inia the i'm julie banderas." now, back to glenn beck. >> glenn: here he is to saveglh the day ♪e hello, america. tonight's hot list, the common
9:34 pm
sense solutions to the stories sohe mainstream media is just dropping the ball on. here in new york city, of all places, michael bloomberg, the mayor of this great town with t glimmer of what he would call t common the new york times reports the city program where the bloomberg administration isayig saying they are going to w getp and fight homelessness. they are going to start giving the homeless one way ticketsouf out of town. repts instead of putting families up in expensive shelter systems tt that cost $36,000 a year to $3 house a family, the city will y pay for families to go liveilet with a relative in some other place or maybe even another country, doesn't have to be it do another city. another country, maybe we could have them just h sneak across the border in the middle of the night and take t the jobs that the canadians just won't do. new york paid for 550 families ty to leave the city since 2007.
9:35 pm
if they will pay me to leave the city, i will consider it.ty how much?much? $3? i'll take it.i'll tak it is like the old song says,le if you can can make it here, c you can make it anywhere. but i guess if you can't make n it in new york, get the hell out.wa i thought of something, if thef have a relative in another citi who can't afford to front them the bus fare to get there,e instead the relative is like te i'm sorry, jack, i can't afforn the bus fare, you going to have to live on the streets? thes how are these people going afford having them live inord h their house? see, here is where the story really lost me.kes" the new york times reports that in rare cases bloomberg and the city will advance the family u to four months rent, a one month security deposit, a-m furniture allowance and a a broker's fee. mr. mayor, let me just say, usually government is just busy just trying to fix problems,bui you know, that they createdno
9:36 pm
themselves but you have given me a really good idea. what the recession on, president obama has come outesh and said hey, hey, hey, let's t not go to cities like orlando , and las vegas, that's crazy, so now they have a bunch of hotel rooms there. cities are collapsing. citi why don't we send the homeless people from new york to vegas or to orlando? hom you knowel what, nevada has the huge foreclosure crisis, they y have a bunch of empty houses. why can't they live in the empty houses. wait, a better idea. carr michael bloomberg hates guns but las vegas has a concealed carry law. so why don't we take the guns in a new york city, arm the homeless and send them to nevada? another problem solved! ♪ here to save the day ♪ and another possible victorymon for common sense.trt the "wall street journal"hi reports and this is a report
9:37 pm
t w that we haven't independently confirmed yet, the government today announced that it has discovered paper has two sides. the discovery is going lead the government now to print on boti sides of the paper. ses apparently somehow or another magically that is going to save us money. to this is, of course, part of thc $100 million savings challengeo three months ago the president ordered his cabinet to find $100 million in budget cuts for the current fiscal year. in they came back with wi $102 million in budget cuts.2 that is to put this into perspective, point 006% of the federal budget but they are in there pitching for you. some other ideas besides papers the air force proposed replacing jet fuel withthmerc
9:38 pm
commercial fuel and commercial additives saving $250 million next year. a division of the the treasury depar department identified unused phone lines that were costing them $320,000. how many phones are you not using? homeland security could savetht $300,000 by e-mailing some sid documents instead of just seria printing them out on one side. and the national high and safety administration are goinw to start getting news onlinener for free instead of renewing all the newspaper prescriptions. that will not help tnehe induse but it will help the trees that help the environment. now i now, i'm lost, i don't knoww what to do. >> critics say the reductions are minimal at best. they show how behind the. government really is. when i say behind, i mean whe behind the times. i wonder why we weren't doingi these things before.he th
9:39 pm
oh, i remember now, because they are all dopes in washington. now, a story sent to me byt representative jason cavet, a freshman congressman from utahv eare already spending some of the money we just found. please, look at all the money, this is free money. well, two bills passed in the e house yesterday and they will y spend millions to protect your favorite animal and my favorite ur animal, let's say it together,i yes, the turtlmae. oh, and the otters. the marine turtle conservation fund and if they actually carried guns and were c protecting our country maybe ie would consider it, but they i don't, these are just regular turtles. this one reauthorizes thereauth marine turtle conservation act of 2004. we will spend $5 million 2 annually through fiscal year 2009 through 2014 but we can only spend 20% of that money -d
9:40 pm
hang on just a second because you will be so pissed off wheno i say this. when we can only spend 20% of that money here in the united of states. the other 80% must be spent onl saving national turtle -- international turtles? s what? under the sea otter recovery and research act we will spent $5 million per year on researct and recovery programs for southern sea otters along the california coast. didn't we talk about the sea caforn otter program in californiarrom already? wasn't that one of the things i n't said they should cut from theil budget in california? arre the otters double dipping innto state and federal funds? is that what is happening? is there a lobbyist for otters and turtles that i don't know about because maybe we should a hire those lobbyists to peo represent the people of the united states and to hell with
9:41 pm
the otters and the turtles. but that is just me and thereio is your hot list. for, cookie u my doctor told me something i never knew. as we get older, our bodies become... less able to absorb calcium. he recommended citracal. it's a different kind of calcium. calcium citrate. with vitamin d... for unsurpassed absorption, to nourish your bones.
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>> glenn: the number one question people ask me all the time is glenn, what do we do,e what do we do, what do we do? in my free mail news letter i have tried to outline some of e the serious challenges that wee are today i want to begin to talk to you about what we can do about t. lately in the last couple ofle weeks i have been filled with hope and optimism and it is and because i finally understand what we are facing.rstand i see it, i know what it is. i i know how tough it is going to be to defeat but i know who you are. i know who america and know americans are and what we haved done in the past. we have to draw a line in the
9:46 pm
sand and soon i will tell youb how. meantime, there are vital steps that are politically incorrect but i'm going to ask you to take them. wou the first thing is consult wits a trusted spiritual advisor for guidance.rusd s to be a trusted friend or i i don't care if you worship apoon spoon, talk to the spoon, unless it is telling you to kill or hurt people, then it iy a spoon that you probably shouldn't listen to. gu the guidance of the lord inneed prayer needs to be sought in this country at this time. this is something that invitest ridicule of the mindless godless spawns of hell, i know, but i couldn't care less. le get on your knees and ask the lord what we should be doing.og we must have inspiration on ouo side for this struggle because what is coming our way is not ist good. second, now that you are freshly armed with inspiration, i ask you to read the news, study the issues from multipley sources, share them with your l family, talk to your children,
9:47 pm
you need to see things clearer and you will be far less likely to be deceived with inspiration. third, question everything., as thomas jefferson said, question with and, yes, when i say everything, even the things you hear from me.thgs you i mom used to say you got a my m head on your shoulders for a on reeason, use it. my credibility means everythine to me right now.before w raefore we put on anything on the radio show or fox news weec double check and triple check f and even with all that weom sometimes don't get it right. . in other words, whether it as story on fox news or somethingr you hear from your best friend trust but verify.e, a tough one but you got to do the fourth one is remember ce where we came from. this is so critical. remember our heritage. one of the most shocking thingg said during the presidential campaign last year came from michelle obama during a campaign stop. st she said, and i quote "and i
9:48 pm
barack knows that we are goingo to have to make sacrifices." okay "we're going to have toe t change our conversation."hat da does that mean?t we are going to have to changee our traditions, our history, we are going to have to move intot a different place ." first of all, you can't really change your history. re c you can rewrite it, it has bees done before and that just makes history a lie, but it doesn'tam change it. secondly, maybe i'm the only aa person in america, but i don'tt care, i don't want to change our traditions and our history. traditions and traditions it is the traditions andat history that make us who we are. we are the people that cann change the world and we can, conquer anything when we arehe left alone and left to fight each other, we will fight our w way through anything and this r time we need to fight our way and stand up and be righteous
9:49 pm
people and decent people justn to stay american.e now, more good news for you tonight.ght. students at princeton university. what has them lining up around the block, next. i want to give you some important free advice. let's say you have osteoporosis. i do. and you haven't done anything about it. i haven't.
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>> glenn: you may have heard some of the more progressive courses being taught to college kids these days. just when you thought all hopec might be lost, this is princeton's course on ourre founding fathers where they arr lining up to sign up and get into the class. here is robert george, thehe director of james madison t program, friend of the program, how are you, sir? >> very well, glenn. thanks for having me back on th the show.on >> glenn: tell me exactly what the college students at least th col at princeton are hungry for? >> well, one of the things that they are hungry for is anung
9:54 pm
understanding of the american >> founding and principles of constitutional government bequeathed to us by our founders. it has been taught in princeton literally going back decadeslwn and it has been a powerfuluse course because students want to glnow what this country is about. sometime n>> glenn: you have sometimes 1i people in the progressiveous courses and 100 to 125 andor almost 1250 in the spring for the course. >> 250 for the civil liberties course in the spring. >> glenn: i'm sorry, 250, yes. what is happening?what's what does this tell you about t our students today?oday >> it tells me that the students are not prepared tondi dismiss our founding fathers aw dead white males who were slave owners and don't need to be listened to.gover it was a tremendous achievemeny
9:55 pm
for government and the studenta want to study and understand un the principles of americans he government.ican >> glenn: i'm convinced that iv we lose the youth and we are pu practically there it because people aren't teaching anything any more. we are going to lose our country and they won't know any different. could you when you get into the course i would like to have you back and look for differences from the years past of teachiny the course and the difference in questions and i would love to have you do a few of the students up and do a studioewe show with a few of the studentt and talk about the future andsw how they perceive the country and democracy and all of that. would you do that? t >> when you hear from the students you won't give up hope, quite the opposite. the students are great and they are our future.y >> glenn: good. thank you very much, professort coming up, final thoughts. in the north of england to my new job at the refinery in the south.
9:56 pm
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♪ ♪ crown thy good, with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea ♪ >> glenn: look, there is a lot of stuff we addressed on the radio show today that i wouldte love for you to check out at y glenn and pick up common sense, ifco. you finished reading this, this is a case against an out oft control government. your first step in openicong yr eyes.s it is in book stores now. it has been number one for the last five weeks.been it is in book stores now, if you already have it, please, please, i beg of you, i'm notme even signing any of these

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